about Scott osder

why scott osder ? 

Being a successful mortgage originator means far more than racking up impressive sales figures. It means having a relentless determination to getting deals done, no matter how complex they may be. Quite simply Scott Osder’s specialty is never settling for less when it comes to finding solutions for clients who need financing. 

Working with Scott give you a high technology human touch experience as he is always hands-on and he personally oversees every deal, and he handles some of the most complex deals in the mortgage business. Scott has 32 years of experience in mortgage originations and has closed in excess of 10,000 residential mortgages. 
Scott packages mortgages for success, even under the most difficult circumstances. He has developed strategies to maximize the benefits of mortgage financing that meets his clients objectives. Scott is a problem solver.

Taking full advantage of any market condition requires a savvy and reliable real estate financing professional, a partner who can help you navigate a dynamic market landscape. 

Scott’s ability to recognize opportunities for clients, and to execute and close deals on time, is unparalleled. He is an expert on economic trends and uses his knowledge to help build and maintain the wealth of his clients through mortgage and other services. For these reason’s many Accountants, CPA’s, Financial Planners, Business Managers and Realtors recommend their clients to Scott as their mortgage advisor. Scott’s recommended mortgage products are always  based on what is best for his clients. He is 100% referral based with repeat client experiences.

"I am convinced he could take 100 loans declined but the nations biggest banks and repackage,  approve and close 80 of them." Scott Osder 

Scott is able to extend mortgage to borrowers who do not fit into traditional bank loans. He focuses on finding solutions for the most challenging home loan requests including self employed , low down and low credit score borrowers. Need information or advice call today 818.590.2265